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What you need to know about our product certifications 

Certification is a mandatory confirmation for the quality and safety of products

Certification is a mandatory confirmation for the quality and safety of products. The compliance of characteristics and properties of the goods with the established international and national standards is confirmed by the received certificate of conformity or the declaration of conformity, registered by the certification bodies.

In Russia and the countries of the Customs Union, state regulatory documents - standards and technical regulations - are used to confirm and control product quality. This determines various forms of goods valuation: declaration, certification, state registration.

APLGO products are backed by all necessary certificates and declarations of conformity. Our Acumullit SA series complies with all European certificates of conformity since it is produced in Europe. Additionally, our manufacturer is compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications.

Accredited organizations can get certification for a period of one to three years, which depends on the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer in the field of their application. During the validity period of the certificates, regulatory agencies conduct regular surveillance and rigorous audits. The manufacturer must confirm full compliance with all quality and safety requirements, as well as show the development and improvement of production processes. Plenipotentiary representatives of secular and religious organizations have the right to freely visit the manufacturing plant.

You can find scans of certificates and their detailed description on our website: https://us.aplgo.com/en/certificates/

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